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 Guild information

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PostSubject: Guild information   Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:46 am

wow ,what a day you think as you set your alarm clock and tuck your pillow under your head.ahhh comfort, thats what you needed pulling your covers over your body.lying there you think of the days events and how good the bed feels.
your breathing slows ,off in the distance you hear a faint howl,like the baying of a think to yourself ,theres no dogs in this neighborhood,must be a hear a light scraping at your window,you notice the wind has picked up,gotta trim that branch someday you remember. you look at the clock 1 last time ,its 12:00 already huh.
the house creeks in tune with the wind,it makes you uneasy but the ticking of the clock is soothing somehow.feeling a chill in the air you pull the covers higher,must be a draft.knowing the rooms of your house very well ,you can trace each creek and know exactly where its from,knowing this is no comfort because the last creek you heard sounded like it was from your closet door across from your bed.your silly you think to yourself,thats the stuff children go running into their parents bedroom for ,but the creaking continues till your almost sure the door is wide open.eyes open but afraid to look you stare at the clock, its 1:00.your hearing sharpens to the point where you swear you can hear the mice in the attic.from the closet a new sound emerges,the sound of gurgling,like someone with no throat took a drink of water and it leaked over their body only to end up on the floor.your heart beat quickens.
the sound of something wet and slimy like a dead octopus being dragged across the floor towards the foot of your bed is the next sound to fill the room ,closer ,closer . you stare at the clock afraid to move,the light ticking no longer soothes you ,instead its loud, so loud now it sounds like someone stabbing a hollow door with a sword.paralyzed in fear you swear you feel something pushing against the foot of your bed and now can hear what can only be described as a wet sack with 10,000 worms in it trying to escape.
the stabbing of the clock continues and it seems the hours are flying by.
with the clock steadily in your vision ,your blood seems to have run cold for now you notice and feel like something is leaning over you from the foot of the bed,between the clock and the worms the sounds are deafening .
then you hear the gurgling again directly over your head and the feeling of water on your scream but nothing comes out,stuck in your bed you cannot run or scream only stare wildly at the clock whos hands are moveing so quick now they seem a blur on its face.then you hear a deep gasp like a snake opening its mouth before it strikes ,you close your eyes and wait for the strike which is sure to lead to your devouring
the alarm goes open your eyes and its morning,the sun streaming through the window feels warm ,a bird has decided to perch on that overgrown branch outside your window and starts to sing. you sit up in your bed and rub your neck ,it's soaked along with your pillow.drenched in sweat you retrace the dream you had and how tired you feel.Looking about the room, outside the window the sky is blue as you turn your attention to your closet, the door is shut.Wow ,you think as you start to let the dream fade.
standing up from your bed you head towards the door thinking how good a cup of coffee will be right now. As you reach the door you take 1 last look at your bed,looking at it you stop dead as a chill runs down your spine,at the foot of your bed is a watery trail leading from your closet.
we are Nightmare Creatures

I think we are the only horror based guild in Eternal Lands
we are a peaceful type guild but we will uphold our own honor
we do not tolerate bagjumping ,scamming,or begging
we do allow pvp and some pk but at your own risk
we are a total adult guild
we will strive to help our guildies character to become the creature they would like it to become
Please read the guild rules to see if you would like to become a nightmare creature
we are currently accepting guildies Smile
. we are a new guild so bear with us till we get organized please
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Guild information
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