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 old lady Lorpack quest

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PostSubject: old lady Lorpack quest   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:29 am

on IP theres a house across from the tavern go inside and talk with mrs lorpack
she needs 3 minor healing potions,,eather make them or go to mira in
whitestone city near the flower shop (9 gc each) .take them to her and she will send you to adnama ( she is in the forest of the fall in whitestone near the temple)..she wants a needle..( buy it from a general store 3 gc each)
take back to her she wants a pattern to make fox scarfs
go back to mrs lorpack and she will tell you that victor has it
(he is the cape seller in whitestone city across from the flower shop)
get the pattern from him NOTE::: it wont show in your inventory
go back to mrs lorpack and talk AGAIN *sigh*.you need to make the scarf scarf ...1 fox fur 1 needle 1 thread ..put into your mixing box (the hammer and anvil) and mix
take the scarf to adnama ,give her the scarf and pattern
then go back to mrs lorpack for the end of quest ..sheesh!
1000K exp in manu and a pair of leather boots ..woo hoo!
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old lady Lorpack quest
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