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 quest for armor repair and cheaper leather

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PostSubject: quest for armor repair and cheaper leather   Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:54 am

this quest will take you into morcraven marsh and narilik both are dangerous
for lower lvl people
to start the quest you must talk to tankel he is located in morcraven marsh(292,240)
he will talk about his sick daughter,in order to fix her busted brain he needs the help of edlera (140,162)in to her and shell send you back to tankle
to talk of her past,then its back to edlera,talk to her and shell say you need 10 yellow roses(buy them from a flower shop or harvest them )
when you have the roses go into tankles house and drop them at Kelcha's feet
the goofball will snap out of it for a min and talk of her missing diary
go tell edlera ,she wants you to find it to tankle and he tells you he found her in the entrance to naralik dungeon...go to the dungeon in naralik (105,160)
go down the ladder...not far from the entrance theres a pile of 4 books ,poke it with your use button and youll find out shes been cursed
go tell edlera she will tel you you need 30 minor healing potions,get them and go to naralik (99,160) and drop them on the south side of the statue and then poke the statue with your use button ,message says shes healed ,go tell tankle and hell send you to edlera to say hes sorry
now tankel can TRY to fix your broken armor or weapon BUT theres a chance you will loose it and your money you pay him to do it
now go back to kelcha and talk to her about a dream she had
go tell edlera about it and shell send you to find a flower,(634,204) in whitestone,looks like a white lilly, click on it useing your use button
will not show in your inventory
take it back to kelcha and your done
now you can buy leather cheaper 75 for 350 gc
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quest for armor repair and cheaper leather
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