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 bertan quest #2 ,underground relay

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PostSubject: bertan quest #2 ,underground relay   Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:58 pm

go to bertan(247,67) in DP for his second quest ,this time he wants you to find the underground relays and gives you a list of maps and coordinates BUT there mixed up and you have to figure out which coords go to which map
.these relays look like rock formations
hear they are
IP in the tavern theres a barrel poke it to get into he secret cave below (54,34) is where youll find the relay
tarsengarrd magic school spider cave go to the garden there go to(42,98) under some leaves theres a skull poke it to enter the cave ,once inside go to(82,64) poke the rock formation
Southern Kilaran carmion manor basement (160,155)
portland tite cave lower level (176,36)
naralik catacombs take the trap door down(86,98) to the lowest part there (155,24) is the loc once down there
idaloran in the mines go to (234,266)
EVTR in the secret under the tavern,teleport to range across the broken tracks to the emeralds(145,116)
willowvine forest go to the tite cave between willovine forest and kasamura jungle. enter the cave at(336,369) once inside go to (22,80)
hurguin in the cave there go down to the crypt(143,51)
aeth aelfan in the underground (enter by the waterfall at 196,366) inside go to(189,36)
return to bertan for
20K eng exp
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bertan quest #2 ,underground relay
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