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 Request to become a nightmare creature

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PostSubject: Request to become a nightmare creature   Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:10 am

Please read the rules and guild information before applying
when applying please include the following
#1 your must older to join this guild ,no kids,this is an adult guild
#2 your player name and any alts or player name from the past
#3 your att/def stats must have an att/def of 20 or higher
#4 any guild you belonged to in the past and the reason you left if so
#5 the reason you considered nightmare creatures as your possible guild
so it should look something like this
im 22 years old
my characters name is fang, my alts are stick and mud . mud used to belong to FART guild but it was not right for me,i left peacefully

my att/def is 20/21
my current character has not belonged to a guild yet
i think the guild sounds like what im looking for
please post a reply below this one and enter your information
thank you for considering Nightmare Creatures
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Request to become a nightmare creature
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