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 wraith on ip quest

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PostSubject: wraith on ip quest   Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:34 am

NOTE you must have done the regain your memory quest before you do this one
go to the wraith on Isla prima he will send you to
tobias he is in whitestone (203,340) inside a house ,he will send you to

kalana.she is located in desert pines buy a house with a well (220,347) she wants you to touch a tree ,the tree is inside the temple in the evergreen forest
in desert pines ,poke it with your pointer icon and return to kalana

from there take the boat in desert pines with the flag that looks like an anchor

find nyeald the mayor he is in a building around (94,54) he will send you to

erokin ..he is located in the valley of the dwarves at the entrance of the gold mine ..he sends you to

koki in nordcarn sitting on a bench in the city near the magic shop he sends you to
rosayln she is located in tarsengaard magic school ,once in side the school head up the right hand stairs and enter ,in that hallway take the 2nd door to find her..she sends you to

tankel in morcaven marsh enter from the whitestone side of the marsh and you eill find him in a cabin south west of the entrance..dont talk to him about his daughter if you have not done his previous quest..

return to the wraith for
1000 EXP in a skill of your choice ..CHOOSE WISELY
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wraith on ip quest
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