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 ayella alchemy exp and learning quest

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PostSubject: ayella alchemy exp and learning quest   Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:53 pm

ayella (in desert pines alchemy school)will let you become a student
she will tell you what she wants you to make in front of her for alchemy exp
gather your ings and go make them in front of her here is the list and the exp you get
fire ess-300 exp
water ess-600 exp
earth ess- 1K exp
air ess-1400 exp
spirit ess-1700 exp
matter ess-2200 exp
energy ess-2500 exp
life ess-3k exp
death ess-3500 exp
health ess-4k exp
magic ess-4500 exp
iron bar-5k exp
matter conglomerate-5500 exp
steel bar-6k exp
mercury-7k exp
silver bar-7500 exp
gold bar-8500 exp
titanium bar-9300 exp
tin bar-10700 exp
copper bar-12k exp
bronze bar-13k exp
enriched life ess-15k exp
hydro bar-16k exp
seridium bar-17k exp
enriched matter ess-18k exp
enriched fire ess-19k exp
wolfram bar-20k exp
dvarium bar-21k exp

finishing all gets you an additional 200k exp
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ayella alchemy exp and learning quest
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