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 new player hints and tips

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PostSubject: new player hints and tips   Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:04 am

dont wear anything into combat you dont want to loose (like killing stuff with your harv cape on ) or anything like that
know your limitations ..dont think you can take on a gargoyle when your still killing beavers
white stone is dangerous at night gargoyles Will find you
dont go to player kill( PK) will get killed
doing quests can level you up nicely as many as you can when you start
dont beg people for stuff , its just plain sad and very irritating
dont bagjump ..meening find a bag with armor or weapons in it and take them
its frowned upon by most,as you will learn ..things dont come easy in EL and some people work very hard to make or buy stuff
do be polite to your fellow player ,sometimes a little niceness goes along way
train whenever you can,and try to harvest every hour..the exp will build up
spend your pick points wisely ,,put them into your attributes in multipules of 4
Example i have 4 pick points my coordination is 10 i would put all 4 into
coordination to make it 14..then save up 4 more and make it 18
the same is true with all your attributes
read books ..they will give you the knowledge to advance..remember keep your food level up,,you will stop learning if it drops to 0
play as often as you can..youll not get far if your away for months
this is not real life...your real life comes first
use your encyclopedia whenever possable it's the ? button on your board
it has tons of info you will need in this game
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new player hints and tips
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