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 novac quest to become a pr0 killer

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PostSubject: novac quest to become a pr0 killer   Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:28 am

WARNING: i have been told of people that started this quest and then started novac's second quest and was not able to move on in the first quest..i cannot say it is true cuz im scared to his second quest at own risk before this quest is done............................................................... this is a big 38 step quest ..the coordinates here are general ,remember that animals like to roam and sometimes will be far away from where they should be
each animal or monster has to be the right one ,which means you might look for hours for the right one...just because you got the last creature dosen't meen that you can move on to the next will have to train to advance to your next target. also on sun tzu days your exp is double or if you serve an att or def god your exp will be more. also if you havent killed scotty ,kill the darn things and #beam me to get back to novac we go!
1 see novac on isla prima not hard to find ,he will send you to kill a rat in a house on the island..the house is right behind him ,kill it and gain 400 att/def exp
2 next he wants a brownie from the island find it and hell give you 600/att/def
3 next he wants a deer from desert pines ,evergreen forest is where to find it
kill it ,see novac and get 800 att/def
4 then he wants a green snake from desert pines..have fun he really likes to roam..sometimes hes near storage..kill and novac will give up 1K att/def
and send you to see Kalana in desert pines (223,348)
5 kalana will sent you to portland to kill a fox you will find it near the titanium mines..tell novac and get 1500 att/def
6 novack now sends you to crystal caverens located in desert pines to kill a small spider ,kill it and tell novac for 1800 att/def exp
7 next novac wants a boar from VOTD youll find him near the smithery across the river ,kill and novac gives up 2k att/def
8 next he wants a wolf from nordcarn ,he likes to hang out near the lower entrance to the city kill and get 2200 att/def from novac
9 he next wants a goblin from naralik ,he roams but some times spawns between the ship wreck and MM sign ..kill and novac gives up 2400 att/def
10 next ,back to naralik to kill a big spider find it and 2600 att/def is yours
11 next to portland tite mine to kill a skeleton ,he is on the upper lvl kill and get 3k att/def ..and dont listen to novac ramble ..its a waste of time
12 next is a chinstrap penguin on C2 Iscalrith ,the lil bugger can be almost anywhere ,i found mine on the west side of the fort..maybe start there,kill the pain in the ass and get 4k att/def
13 next its back to whitestone to kill a puma,he spawns in the mountians at the top of the map but he will roam! people have said of killing him as far as the city ..kill the dam thing and get 4k more att/def
sigh tired yet? LOL
14 next its off to tarsengaard gargoyle cave to kill a tall winged garg ,kill and tell novac for another 4k att/def
15 now off to nordcarn SOUTH cave to kill a armed skeleton ,,novac gives 4200 att/def for him
16 now he will send you to whitestone underground ,located ,(if faceing raven)southwest from storage(391,373)..go down the ladder and kill all hobgoblins you see novac will give you 4500k att/def for this
17 now your off to C2 again to kill a female orc ,go to glacmore skills academy and go into the sewers located near storage kill and novac gives up 5k att/def
18 now off to naralik catacombs to kill a male orc kill and get another 5k att/def exp
19 next back to c2 to the idaloran mines to kill a troll,he hangs out near the tin sometimes,kill for another 5k att/def
20 now off to whiteston to kill a grizzly bear..he roams but sometimes is found near the north middle of the map novac gives 6k a/d for him
21 next go to SKF,in the manor kill the ogre for 6k more a/d exp
22 c2 is your next stop, inveron is the map,,he wants a polar bear..there is a cave in the southeast part of the map ,the polar might be there BUT he will spawn outside the cave sometimes and roam..find him for 7k a/d exp
23 now he wants an armed female orc ,you can find her in grubani peninsula
look for the boobs..dont want to mess with a male yet ,,7k a/d exp from novac
24 ok now the fun one..novac sends you to Imbrogilo islands to kill a male armed orc..WARNING PK AREA . after all the ice mazes you need to go into the hydro cave and hope hes on the side your on..if not go to the right of the map and teleport to range to get ll see the cave across the lava
8k a/d for him
25 next is a cyclops in egratia point 8k a/d for him
26 next is a fluffy in melinis around (300,175) but hops around 8k more a/d
27 next is a phantom warrior in the ruins of tirnym 8k a/d for him
28 next he sends you to redmoon island to kill a feros ,find him for 8k more exp
29 next is a desert chimeran in thelinor 9k a/d for him ..likes to also roam
30 ok off to willowvine forest to kill a forest chimeran 9k for him
31 time to go back to the ruins of tirnym to kill a mountin chim 9 k a/d for him
32 off to iveneron caves to kill a yeti 9k a/d exp
33 willowvine forest to kill a cockatrice 10k exp
34 time for the arctic chim in trassian, dra syn one of the underground passages 15k a/d
35 kill the giant in aeth alfan PK AREA for 20k exp
36 kill the red dragon in north redmoon volcano for 25k exp
37 kill the black dragon in aeth alfan for 30k exp
38 kill the ice dragon in hulda for 30k exp and vanquisher perk
dam your good!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations !!!
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novac quest to become a pr0 killer
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