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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:07 am

Vnightmare creaturesV
I know theres alot of rules but they are in place from experience of playing EL and to make your gaming more fun
we are a new guild so bear with us
rules and regulations
#1 this is an ADULT guild, mature people only,if your offended by foul language and
things of that nature ,your in the wrong place
#2 bagjumping,scamming or begging will not be tolorated
you will get 0 warnings
#3 this is an honorable guild,if you find a death bag please return
it if possable
#4 pk is allowed BUT you do so at your own risk..if you do decide
to do it it is strongly suggested that you go to a no drop area

#5 if you pk you will do so with honor..remember no bagjumping

#6 if you fight creatures and die,we will try to get your bag back
BUT do not whine if someone bagjumps you ,some people are
not so honorable
#7 if you have a problem with someone with it..DO NOT
involve the guild unless all other options are exhausted
if all else fails ,put that person on ignore
#8 this is a GAME the object is to have fun
#9 if you take part in guild projects you will help or you will NOT get the
prize..this includes council
#10 if you have a problem with another guildie ,deal with it,or just
ignore them
#11 if you talk #IG to another guild ,behave yourself,no cussing
race slurs,or religious remarks,also sexual type talk
#12 role playing is allowed
#13 all new guildies are required to complete a guild entrance
quest in which you will get your guild cape and end your
probation....probation is 3 weeks
#14 if you have a problem with someone ..put them on your
OWN personal list of ppl not to talk to,..a guild will not
be red tagged because of 1 or 2 people
just because you do not like someone,dosent meen that other
guildies have to hate them too
#15 do not bother the mods or owners of EL..if you get
banned its ON YOU
#16 if you pvp or pk.. be sure you make arrangements with who your fighting
ahead of time..the guild will not be held responsable for
lost items from eather fighter
#17 you must follow ALL Eternal Lands rules,if you break a game rule you will probably get banned from the game
#18 guild rules will be ammended to fit the guilds needs at any time
#19 if its time to move on or you no longer feel that this guild is for you
you can leave at anytime with no hard feelings,,its no fun to play and not be comfortable where you are
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Guild Rules
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