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 vaesura party quest

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PostSubject: vaesura party quest   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:49 am

go to vaesura (WS298,315) and she wants to host a party and gives you a list of elves to invite they are as follows :
lasud front of IP tavern
adnama WS(610 ,707)
moonflower TG south temple poke on the crystal on the pole to enter
silvars TG magic school library #12 door if you have ranger maps
donegal TG magic school lab,to get there use door #23 on ranger map and into the sewers Warning PK area, find a tall ladder go up and your safe
hawkins nordcarn he is in the city (looks like an archery range) along the west wall
kane DP he is inside the WS ship poke the silver thing under the ships wheel to enter
isabella DP(340,36)
astra DP (306,237)
xaquelina PL on a ship at the docks
drial PL library
avyia PL(246,150)
aleister PL (196,256)
kahlen MM in the temple to the north
return to vaesura for
20K ranging exp
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vaesura party quest
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